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Originally Posted by Brameldballistics View Post
I'm quite keen to try a single point sling in FT, why would all other shooting disciplines use one if they don't offer any benefits. The only reason I'm put off practicing with one at the minute is all the posts saying they have to be attached to rifle at all times. I think it's people who don't use them, trying to stop there use.
Originally Posted by skires View Post
Useful ( a must ) for steadying prone shots but no one really shoots prone. Also useful if you shoot kneelers with the elbow close to the knee so that the upper and lower arm form a 'V'. In that case the sling will bridge across the top of that 'V' and can be used, as it's intended, to take the weight of the rifle, so the muscles of the upper and lower arm are not being stressed by the weight.

Most modern FT shooters have the elbow way back along the thigh with the fore arm resting along the thigh and the wrist slightly forward of the knee. In this style there is no real 'V' made by the upper and lower arm. So a sling attached to the rifle and the upper arm would basically just run along the forearm. It would do little to take the weight of the rifle as the weight of the rifle is supported by the fore arm along the thigh.

Some will say that a sling is useless in FT because targets are at different angles. If the shooter uses the more traditional elbow near knee stance as described above, it is easy to adapt this style for angles and still get an advantage from a sling ( you just adjust the point of contact on the upper arm ).

So most modern FT shooters dont use a sling.
Slings aren't a lot of use to most FT shooters who use the elbow way back along thigh style for kneelers.

If you shoot your kneelers with your elbow close to your knee ( traditional ) then try a sling ... it may help you steady the shot. If you shoot with your elbow back and wrist close to knee ... like most FT shooters ... don't bother as it won't do you much good and you won't have to worry about having a sling attached to your rifle whilst taking the greatest majority of shots sitting/standing.

Turn your statement/question on it's head ...

The top FT shooters will take any advantage to try and gain an extra target as comps can be won and lost on just one target. So if slings were an advantage ... why don't most FT shooters use one?

Sometimes the best conspiracy theory is ... there is no conspiracy.

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