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Thing is with the Worlds it is becoming just too popular a victim of its own success. It is now at a stage where people can miss out on getting in simply because there arent enough places to go around. The result being that people who are known in the UK as having a chance of winning dont get in, equally the same people know its a limited field with a time critical registration period. It is also a huge standalone event that people want to win this in turn resulting in people who dont shoot the UK National series entering from all over the World. Some of these people may be more talented than any know shooter to date. Many sports have World Championships and the sports Men and Women gear their training schedule so they are at the top off their game for this competition I am sure many will be doing the same for Kelmarsh this year. Whoever wins will deserve it having shot well for two days on two different courses in probably challenging weather conditions whilst holding their nerve oh and with a bit of luck thrown in.
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