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Originally Posted by Johnnywizz View Post
I have come to shooting and field target specifically quite recently. I went at it arse about face and started with the rifle, then found the club. I equipped myself with a Weirauch HWW100 S with the fully shrouded barrel. I have come in for some stick from fellow club members for choosing this gun. Now, my problem is that whilst the guys have indeed given me some great advice I am not sure if their disapproval of the Weirauch is a wind up or if this gun will seriously hamper me getting on in this sport. Any advice would be appreciated.
The rifle is a different choice, but as long as you went for a .177 calibre it should get you nicely started in the sport. I would suggest that you acquire the single shot adaptor for it as the magazine is of no benefit for use in FT.

Originally Posted by berty177 View Post
I would personally say to stick with the rifle until it gets to the stage you feel you want to upgrade.
Most rifles these days are really good out of the box, so stick with it for now.
The big issue for a lot of people is spending a lot of money on kit and maybe finding out after a short time that the sport isnt for them..
I would say, now youve gone to a club is to have a look through the various scopes that people are using as the choice of scope is a harder decision to make than choice of rifle. A rifle can be modified or a custom stock added for comfort etc.
Deciding on a new scope is the big decision. There are loads out there to choose from.
Just my advice on the thought.. Hope this helps..
Berty Bassett
This is good advice.

As to the 'negative' comments of the club members - ignore them and concentrate on getting to know your gun.
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