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I'm lucky enough to have a Steyr and a Dominator and have had lots of other FT rifles in the past. None are perfect.

I've shot a few HW100s and I really like them. The quality of finish appears superior to these top guns, the trigger's great and the firing cycle is sweet. I shot a group with one recently at 30 yards which effectively had no size at all, though this was indoors. I don't have a clue about exactly what the regulator is like or anything like that. I will say that from an action perspective I'd use one in competition.

As others have said, fit might be an issue. Even this might not be much of a problem if you don't mount the scope too high and you are fit and flexible. I seem to dig holes for myself with these adjustable guns; every time I pick up a gun with a normal wooden stock it seems a relief.

Get out there and enjoy it. You've got a quality gun there which is as accurate as anything available.
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