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Originally Posted by Mr_Ed View Post
I wish i'd read these posts before i ordered from them.

Ordered an Anschutz 800 S2 Black Air just like Where's Molly.

After 4 days, it arrived... Anschutz 8002 S2 Black Air Light !!!! the one with the tiny air tube and non adjustable extending butt assembly.
I informed him that this was the incorrect rifle they'd sent me and he asked me to send back the air cylinder and then hed send me a longer air cylinder and a pair of glasses and gloves as compensation. Doh... still wouldnt be able to shoot it, as it would be too short.
I advised him that i'd return the rifle for the correct one that he should have sent out in the first place.
Postage just cost me 80 to send it back (insurance and only being able to use DHL 24hr for these goods)

He's now informed me that they don't have that model in stock (not what he said on his original email and invoice last week !) and that their best estimate is more stock arriving at the end of February /start of March.

So ive just spent over 100 on postage costs, and as of yet, no refund.

I'm serious guys, forget this retailer unless you can look them in the face when you buy something.

Mis representation of goods availability, and incorrect items knowingly sent out.

And all this on my Birthday as well (50)

You have been warned !!!
I would of had that off you had I known.
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