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Originally Posted by AIRFIX GILLY View Post
This seems all good to me and well written too my friend.
Just one question... When will the bfta make all this a firm rule?
Andy ... that's a BFTA question ... this is just an internet forum. That was just my tuppence. The BFTA may do nowt or they may do something different.

I know what you are after ... clarification as to whether any BFTA change will be in place before the start of the 2016 season ( April ) and, if no official rule change by then, will the 'trial' period extend into the season or will rolls/mats be out etc. You need those answers from the BFTA.

I'd 'imagine' the BFTA answer at the moment would be ... There is no change to BFTA rules at the moment, so keep shooting as per present BFTA rules ( Beanbags and kneepads as allowed ... and trial a roll/kneepad/mat if you wish ) ... until further notice. I also appreciate that if they are changing the rule re bags for this season then time is getting tight, as those that haven't been trialling bags may suddenly have a rule change thrust on them, without them having chance to find a roll that suits them, or get used to shooting kneelers with a roll.

Maybe the BFTA won't change it until they see how it goes in the Worlds. Maybe they won't change it at all following the trials. I think if I was a top BFTA shooter like yourself, I'd be seeing the writing on the wall here, and getting myself used to a roll ( and kneepad if you so wish, as I can't see them not allowing a kneepad even if there's a mat [ safety/injury concerns ] ) pretty sharpish.

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