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Hey Martin

I wasn't referring to any posters on the thread. There is always going to be a grey area between serious sportsmen who are happy to face a challenge, and hobbyists who want a comfortable morning's shoot, and others who may look to find the easiest way to points on the card.

The questions to date on this thread are all within reason whilst things are clarified ... maybe the odd one with a smirk. I hope people are sensible and accept any change as a genuine effort to improve the sport and eliminate controversy.

It seems pretty obvious and simple to me. You can specify a max diameter and length of a roll so that it won't be supporting anything else. You provide a thin mat on kneeling lanes ( shooters can't use their own mat ... so everyone is using the same ). Shooters may use a kneepad ( their own ) in addition to the roll and mat.

When using FT beanbags, and especailly some of the bigger bags, it was easy, deliberately or otherwise, for bags to be, or appear to be, supporting something they shouldn't. Not possible with the roll. The mat is the same for everyone ( provided on lane ). The kneepad is down to the shooter, but if someone wants to try and wear a kneepad that is that big that it replicates a beanbag, then they will just look a d1ck, and will probably be labelled as ... a d1ck.

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