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Originally Posted by LAity View Post
Hi all

have a question, i was at MAD today with Chilly and we had a walk about and a bit of practise, , there was a wind for sure and most targets were a mill or two off the kill. I was missing loads ( as normal ) so we decided to go to the range and see what windage it was from 25 to 45. Chilly uses a Daystate running below mine and as such i thought as my pellet was faster i would have to give it less??? Well this is not the case. We both shot a board at 40 yards and my pellet was double what his was. We tried it at all ranges and found this to be the case. So my question is , even if i am running more faster FPS than him how come i have to give double the windage??

Your thoughts??


Loads of stuff can have an effect, weight of pellet, shape, change in conditions between shots etc etc.

Were you using the same pellets?

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