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Default Windage???? Not a clue

Hi all

have a question, i was at MAD today with Chilly and we had a walk about and a bit of practise, , there was a wind for sure and most targets were a mill or two off the kill. I was missing loads ( as normal ) so we decided to go to the range and see what windage it was from 25 to 45. Chilly uses a Daystate running below mine and as such i thought as my pellet was faster i would have to give it less??? Well this is not the case. We both shot a board at 40 yards and my pellet was double what his was. We tried it at all ranges and found this to be the case. So my question is , even if i am running more faster FPS than him how come i have to give double the windage??

Your thoughts??

I didn't ask for these powers !
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