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Dear all

Firstly I think NEFTA shooters should be applauded for having a go.

At the BFTA AGM there was no support for changing the rules for kneeling. A prime reason is that no one really knew what they wanted. That was why it was agreed that for 2016 shooters at BFTA shoots could trial the use of an ankle roll and thereby informing proposals for future change.

It is not possible for the BFTA to impose rules and restrictions when it is not clear what they should be.

What is clear is that year after year there is complaint about certain kneeling techniques. The suggestion that marshals should intervene is unfortunately not the point: we should all know the rules and abide by them.

This trial period may or may not provide us with a solution. In developing we may uncover a practice which is deemed unfair - good, that is the purpose of the trial.

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