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Originally Posted by shaun elliott View Post
Did he put the mat back in his car Andy or did he get monk on that you touched it with your shooting jacket lol
Eyup andy n shaun .

First of all , I couldn't believe it when I saw monniez junior with the badger pelt coat on sunday .
one person even said that he looked like that big fat horrible gorilla thing ..... corn plaster I think his name was off planet of the apes ...... but to me . I thought he resembled the nice skinny one with the coal man jacket on ( mark stenton wears that very one ) ..... roddy mcdowall was the man behind the character & im sure his name was Gaylord or summat like that !

Any way to answer your question shaun .
After being soiled by rubbing against andys coat the brand new car mat was duly incinerated on arrival back at calp villas .

mr c .
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