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My take on what should & shouldn't be allowed at a kneeling lane ._

!0mm max thickness rubber mat .
Tapered roll , 180mm down to 100mm at thin end ( possible flat bottom to stop rolling about ) , 300mm max length . tapered to cater for different sized feet .

If folk are worried about harming themselves by kneeling on a pebble , thorn , glass or whatever ...... take em standing would also like a sign at each kneeling lane stating the above .( to cover any possible claims )

One or two have said that the one ive been using was a bit uncomfy so the outer skin is still under investigation as to softness that is needed .

So far , as brian has said it is impossible to fluff a rollup to rest your backside / under carriage on ,as some do with a bean bag .

Cheers , calps .
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