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Originally Posted by countorik View Post
There are lots of questions regarding these kneeling rolls, mats, knee pads etc, but only one definitive answer, 16cm Max diameter for the roll. It's no use saying use common sense or work within the spirit of the rule, these definitions are far to ambiguous and open to individual interpretation. These issues should have been resolved before bean bags were band for kneelers, smacks of barn door and horse.
They've only been banned in the WFTF. That's it.

The ethos for the dimensions and density rules of the kneeling role in WFTF are exactly as I've said. If people get stupid, then we'll need stupid rules for the stupid who try struggle with the words kneeling roll and the intention of the rule, which was to stop people using the bag for anything more than supporting the ankle (you can't keep the knee clean with the bag in WFTF, knee pads are legal).

If you play the idiot, people will call you one. If you behave like one, people will point that out. And if you are the person that promotes a rule change, then by the definition that someone has to make a new rule, and then a committee and all the regions will vote on it, then it's likely many will know who exactly brought around that rule change.

If you want to challenge the rules, do it via your rep in a sensible way and it can be discussed sensibly. If you see someone doing something you think is gaining advantage by bending the rules, you can raise it with the shooting organisation at hand. If you're concerned you've had a blinding idea that could be contraversial, you can raise it before the shoot with the organisation at hand before the shoot.

I'm not sure what is harder to understand, the rules, or the needyness of some to try and find loopholes on internet forums when they are plainly not stupid enough to misunderstand the rules.
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