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The WFTF roll is a max of 18cm,

They will be provided at the kneeling lanes.

Two days before the event they are organising a marshalling course for a representative from each country to attend and the rules will be explained clearly to be taken back to each country so they understand. The roll is based on the standard ISSF one commonly sold to 3P shooters and accepted at Olympic level.
Cheaper, waterproof, and much lighter weight alternatives are foam the yoga/exercise roll. I suppose you could use plastic drain pipe but they are very hard and painful to use.

Length wise they don't need to be any more than 12" as it's just to support the ankle.

A piece of carpet will protect the knee. No issue around a mat I would say. If there is then take up pilchard fishing.

The BFTA can sort their own back yard out but a kneeling roll shouldn't be too difficult to sort. It's merely something used to support your ankle during a kneeling shot.

If it were me, I would not permit personal rolls and the organisers provide a standard one to use.
A 12cm roll will accommodate big, small, medium and extra large feet...I've tried it and anyone who says it don't needs to take up pilchard fishing.
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