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This was bound to happen.

The WFTF ban bags for kneelers. That will spread to the BFTA ( maybe/probably ).

So the people will say they want something under the knee ... so a mat or a kneepad.

So you will now get the discussions about "what is a mat?". Can I use my FT bean bag and write 'MAT' on the side as it's now not a bean bag ... it's a mat?

So you can try and kill that by saying you can't use your own mat. A mat will be provided.

So you'll get people suggesting they can use a kneepad. So what is a kneepad? Can I use my FT bean bag and strap it to my knee? It's strapped to my knee so it's no longer a bean bag ... it's a kneepad. Or some other similar rediculous kneepad that extends down to the instep.

It's no point saying we are all grown men so be sensible. The BFTA rules are pretty clear as they are but there are still people taking the pi55 and other people moaning about them ... and endless, painful threads on here about kneelers. So people won't be sensible.
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