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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
This is a thread primarily discussing what NEFTA are doing, what you do in your own region is up to the clubs in your region.

As an aside from this thread, since you've asked and I'm in the loop on what's happening with the WFTF...

The WFTF have voted to ban the use of a beanbag for kneeling shots, there have been well over 100 rule changes for the WFTF recently, and there have been several rounds of voting. What's certain is that the beanbag is banned from Kneelers, the proposal for the definition of a kneeling roll is still a little undecided at present.

The definition is likely to be - "of roll design" - may be converted to a more English term of "Of cylindrical design" - that's the intention of that definition.

The maximum diameter is 18cm, I'm not sure what the maximum length is yet.

There have been no proposals so far to define density. How would you measure that? would some sort of calibrated device be needed? Do we need to also define the density, size and shape of a legal seat? How have the BFTA managed to have beanbags without all of these definitions and measuring devices for so long?

We're all grown ups, we can make a sensible decision. If anyone can't make a sensible decision one will be made for you and it may mean you lose some targets if it's felt that you're taking the 'p' and not entering into the spirit of the rule.

If it looks like a kneeling roll and you're not gaining an obvious advantage, it's probably ok. It's not really that difficult is it?
Question for the well informed?

is there a defined thickness of mat and what it can be made of (can i use a shooting mat 4" thick to kneel on)?

kind regards Mr P
PS the filling will not be beans(polystyrene type)
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