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Originally Posted by AIRFIX GILLY View Post
Well I've ask the question on this forum if you can use a kneeling mat and padded knee (worn on both knees for all course) and the bfta chairman quoted current bfta rules at me saying yes you can. All fine to do on bfta shoots. Plus how can rules be added now before the season starts? Agm as gone for proposals of rule changes?
If the rules say you can, you can. Use them as practice for the Worlds as you see fit, s'up to you.

"How can rules be added now before the season starts?" - The rule was added by a vote at the AGM (minutes available for download in the website)

I think all that's needed now is for the wording of the main shoot rules to be updated to include the change agreed at the AGM. The change is agreed, the wording is yet to come.

But we can probably take a sensible guess as to what the wording is likely to say. Perhaps the update to the wording is being delayed until the votes are back on all the WFTF proposals in case something changes - check with Shaun.
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