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Originally Posted by AIRFIX GILLY View Post
So I can use a kneeling mat and padded knee in BFTA events but not in WFTA events ...
I thought the whole point of the trial was to get used to shooting for the worlds?
I'd say - you're a sensible chap, use your best judgement.

Not sure where all of this kneeling mat business came from? - the proposal voted on and accepted at the AGM was for the inclusion of a kneeling roll as an either / or replacement for a beanbag on kneeling positions.

If you're adding in mats, that wasn't voted on - so it would need to be considered I guess. The BFTA now has a rules sub-committee for deciding those sorts of things.

I can't give you an official answer right here and now, but if I was taking a guess I'd say that a mat is probably ok. The likelihood is that a mat would be provided on the kneeling lanes at the Worlds anyway, but that isn't a course setting requirement (it would seem likely they would provide one as a courtesy anyway).

Whether you can use a mat in BFTA events, would come down to how Shaun writes the rule into the main shoot rules. I'm guessing the purpose of the mat is to keep your knee clean? In which case you've got a choice to make. Either use a mat and hope there's one in the Worlds (there probably will be), or don't use a mat and wash your trousers more often, or don't use a mat, but wear some knee protection. The choice is yours.
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