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Originally Posted by DeanB View Post
Perhaps re-inventing the roll rather than the wheel. My concern is that other disciplines have, I assume, already created a usable kneeling rule and bag.
If we go down the route of pilates rolls there will have to be some definition of shape and maybe resistance. Just
saying the roll can be up to 15cm diameter does not seem to be working already - the roll Andy is using is a not circular. It has flat base.
Where will this end? Can the roils have a flat top and base? Can they have a recess into which you fit the shin? I just wonder if we go with the rules from another disciple if we can avoid all of those discussions.
Not sure who you mean by "We"?
Do you mean the BFTA or the WFTF ?

I think the BFTA are probably going to allow WFTF legal rolls.

So if you mean the WFTF, I can probably answer that since I'll be providing the training for the marshals on how to police the kneeling lanes at the Worlds.

If you consider the rule we have regarding beanbags which we've had for a long time - that hasn't got any of those stipulations regarding resistance or shape and despite that we're still able to use them.

The approach we'll take (by we I mean the WFTF marshals) is to apply some common sense. The definition at the moment of a kneeling roll is that it should be roll shaped, have a maximum diameter of 18cm and the jury's still out on what the maximum length should be. The time for further discussion on the matter has passed unfortunately, so there's little point in having any.

The point regarding flat bottoms or shaped sides etc will be assessed if it becomes an issue at the World Championships in Portugal. It will be assessed by a multi-nationality jury of at least 5 members should the question be raised.

If I was on the jury (and there's a good chance I might be) I would probably rule that so long as you weren't gaining significant lateral support, a small indentation in the roll is acceptable. Also a flat bottomed roll is also acceptable. The definition says "Roll" shaped - if what you're using isn't Roll shaped and it looks like you're taking the 'p' and gaining an advantage, you might come unstuck and lose some targets.

There's really no point in coming up with a load of suggestions - it's happened for the WFTF, there's no more discussion on the matter and no more proposals for voting on until after Portugal.

Where will it end? Hopefully at a sensible outcome - where common sense prevails and people taking the 'p' are spotted and set straight in no uncertain terms.

If people don't like it and don't want to shoot the Worlds in Portugal or Wales in 2017 - just ignore it and carry on doing what you're doing, nothing has changed for you at all.
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