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Originally Posted by DeanB View Post
I don't think they'll weigh a ton when wet if they are made from the same material as sitting bean bags. As to cost, that depends what companies want to charge (same as sitting bags). Spoke with Marc Fisher last week and he said kneeling rolls are very easy to make. I reckon a kneeling roll made of bean bag material will outlast a pilates roll used outside.

I'm not trying to start any debate about which rolls can be used. It just seems a little like re-inventing the wheel. I assume that other shooting disciples already have rules about the bags and the kneeling position so why not use that information and save effort from volunteers.
FT is very different to other shooting disciplines. Otherwise you could say, why not just use the same rules for kneeling as other sports.

I can answer that question for you - because FT isn't shot on level ground at level targets and the FT kneeling position tends to be shot with your forearm resting on the thigh whereas 3P has the elbow more forward (I believe)

It's probably not productive to go into another round of why don't we do this, or why don't we do that etc etc. We've had a few threads like that. If you've got a good idea, try it out and let everyone know.

The kneeling roll is a rule for the Worlds - it's happened and it's voted in. The beanbag is out.

The decision by the regions at the BFTA AGM was to allow kneeling rolls in BFTA competitions so that people can prepare for the World Championships, so I guess it would seem sensible to allow WFTF legal kneeling rolls since that's the aim.

No one is being forced to change what they currently do - if people are happy with what they currently do, by all means continue doing that.

It's early days for kneeling rolls in FT, I'm sure as more and more people start to use them we'll figure out what works well and what doesn't. That's kinda the whole point in allowing them in BFTA events - we'll have a season's worth of experience in what does and doesn't work before we rock up to the Worlds. That's got to be a good thing for British FT.

I've been using a kneeling roll in the NEFTA winter league this season and I already know a lot more about what works and what doesn't work than I did before I started using one. I expect others will come up with their own ideas.
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