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Originally Posted by Tench View Post
Pete there is a contradiction in the kneeling rule, you say dropped down verticle and also at 90 deg to the forearm, the forearm may be nearly vertical in which case 90 deg to it would be nearly horizontal?

"The hands cannot be dropped to allow the wrist joint, arm or any other part of the body to support the rifle. The leading hand should also be forward of the knee, to illustrate this the supporting hand should be dropped down vertically (90degrees to the forearm), if it contacts with any part of the knee/leg the supporting hand is deemed too far back & therefore not forward of the knee."
I'm not really sure we need to change the wording Simon as the only thing we've added is the "90degrees to the forearm" to illustrate what we mean as some shooters try dropping their wrist slightly & claim that's as far as they can go, they then drop the wrist onto the knee as they take the shot. The wording "the supported hand should be dropped down vertically" has been in the rules for many years & hasn't caused a problem.

I'm afraid we can't write the rules for every eventuality & this rule was added to stop people dropping the wrist & resting it on the knee, if you manage to get the forearm vertical then I don't think your wrist will be anywhere near your knee to necessitate showing your wrist is clear.
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