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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Less than 15 yards (no matter what the angle) OR less than 15 degrees - Just forget that it's an inclined target and aim where you normally would.

More than 15 yards AND more than 15 degrees - aim inside bottom of kill.

And that's it - no calculations, not cosines, no inclinometers... just remember 15, and get on with your day. That was probably one of the the first answers given in this thread, but it's still gone on a good while. Welcome to Shooting The Breeze. Ask a simple question and you're guaranteed to get a very detailed answer whether you want it or not.
Or ...

Give a very simple answer and you'll get someone who just won't or can't accept it.

Seriously it's either Trolling or OCD. One is related to big ugly tw@ts that live under bridges and people who come on the internet just to wind people up ... and the other is a mental condition where logic and sense are ignored and a certain mindset is obsessed upon.

Keep your eyes peeled on the boards. You'll see plenty of both.

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