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Very often when I buy things like this I find it has far too many straps sewn here there and everywhere which I will never use so I cut them off! It seems Tactical has to be tacky!! The Aim drag bag is no different in my view, far too many straps buckle zips and ties! the difference is with the price these cost I cant bring myself to cut them all off!! so it is cluttered with buckles and $hit it doesn't need for our air rifle transport purposes, other than that it is the best bag I have ever had! I just wish they would save some money on manufacture and make it more suitable to our needs just being a very good air rifle bag.

Good bag
Too fussy
Too expensive.

Now if they had the option of not having the rucksack style straps and associated buckles straps eyelets and zips and they sewed the side pockets on a little lower so the bottoms were level with the bottom of the rifle compartment, to make it stand with better stability and a little cheaper I would buy a couple more!!

I have yet to come across a well designed bag, but this will do until I do.

PS, if any body wants any products reviewing send them to me!! :-) Guaranteed honest opinion!
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