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Originally Posted by Vestas View Post
Apologies if someone has linked this before but this video seems to be one of the more helpful in terms of explaining shooting at vertical angles. It isn't intended for an airgun audience but its obviously still relevant.

It does have maths in it but easy-peasy stuff with nice diagrams.

A less useful video but it is an airgun and does demonstrate the effect at extreme angles - although I wish to god he'd hit the drone & it fell on him, would have been some laugh Drone lunacy starts at about 6:30 if you want to skip the (not good) explanation section.

Oh and "hello", I should have posted in the intros forum first but I suck at forums these days - will get there....
Hi welcome aboard Vestas

I'll admit I skipped through most of that video to the part where he was trying to explain the "Maths". He's talking about multiplying the distance to the target by the cosine of the angle to the target.

That's the "Rifleman's Rule" and it's wrong. Not just a bit - a lot wrong.

It's not terrible when you're talking about shooting something at 300 yards, but when you apply it to airgun ranges, it will give you the wrong answer. Scroll up a few posts, where the reason it's wrong is explained.

Essentially it's wrong because it doesn't account for scope height.
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