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Originally Posted by verminator View Post
Maybe, but take the case of the 15mm kill, 45 degrees at 13 yards. It has happened before and will happen again. Knockover targets tend to stand vertical regardless of height, so this is more like looking at a 10.5mm x 15mm oval. My pellets are 5.5mm, leaving just 2.5mm wiggle room either side. I'm not so comfortable with that.
If you are shooting to UKAHFT rules, I'd read the rules of the sport you are shooting ...

" ... all elevated shots that are either 15mm, 20mm & 25mm cannot be closer than 20 yards and must have an 18” peg."

So I wouldn't worry about those 15mm kills at 45 degrees at 13 yards ... isn't going to happen. A 45 degree 15mm at 20 yards is 20 yards up in the air ... that's 60 feet. That's 3 times higher than my two story house. I don't think you need worry about those either.
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