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He's using a 0.22 pcp and probably a 10x scope with mil dots and his first zero is 11 yards.

In line one he's saying that the target is 8 yards to the tree but 4.7 yards up the tree. So actually 9.28 yards away from the shooter at an angle of 30.45 degrees.

If he shoots at a 8 yard target he should aim 1.6 md high. A 9.28 target should be 0.75 md high. He's saying the actual poi was 0.5 md below his aim. So probably closer to his 10 y aim point which is 0.4 md.

So I think he's saying that if he used the distance to the base of the tree ( 8 y ) and aimed 1.6 md high ... he would miss.

To be honest I'm not sure he would. As per my post above the difference between 0.5 and 1.6 md at 8 yards on 10x, in mm's will be small. That target will probably still be down. You'll get about 3 md in a 20mm kill at 8 yards.

I'd also suggest, as I've been saying for a while now, that it's not Gravity or Bendy Barrels or anything else that's made the difference between the expected 0.75 md ( 9 y aim point ) and the actual 0.5 md poi's ... it's the shooter because he's shooting at an angle in a different body position ( the difference between 0.75 and 0.5 md at these distances is not a lot ).

I think what he's not getting is that below 15 yards it's being said to not bother with base of tree or aim a bit low b0ll0x ... just estimate the distance to the target ( HFT ) or range it with focus ( FT ) and use your normal horizontal aim points. So if he did that with any of the targets or angles he's shown in the chart they are all going down. Using that method he's worst case 0.3 md out. That 0.3 md at distances of 8, 9 or 10 yards, on 10x, is making no difference to a 20mm kill in HFT.

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