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I still haven't digested the chart.

I've commented recently on threads where HFT shooters get a bit excited about using high mounts and the unbearable difficulty there must be to try and estimate close distance targets and then use huge variations in aim points to try and knock them down.

They often refer to mil dots at these close distances.

It's worth noting that, at close distances, the actual variation in vertical distance of pellet poi is actually very minimal. Maybe just a few mm's between 8 and 9 yards etc. ( in HFT you are shooting at a minimum of 20mm kill anyway at that distance ). When people do tests on paper the actual mil dot references can look quite considerable. The thing is that at 8 yards, on 10x, a 20mm kill looks like a fat lass's ar5e. So a very small actual distance in mm's can look like quite a fraction of a mil dot or even a full mil dot. You will get several mil dots inside a kill below 10 yards. So it really doesn't give a Monkey's if you are half or a full mil dot out.
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