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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
They're a bit confusing...

What should a straight horizontal shot be for 8 yds, and what should it be for 10 yds, in mildots?
The chart is confusing. My guess would be that the "measured POI" is the empirically-derived POI by shooting at the inclined targets. I will also assume that the POI for Diag is the calculated POI for the straight diagonal distance. I'm not sure if the POI for Horiz are the calculated values for horizontal targets or the actual POIs verminator uses in real life.

If we compare these values with the "Diagonal" column which indicates the actual distance between rifle and target we can see the measured POI on the table is the same for 10.54 yards and 11.05 yards (lines 2 and 3), which is reasonable as it's only 18 inch difference. It's a .22 so I'm guessing that's close to PBR (first zero point).

The difference between lines 1 and 2, 9.28 and 10.54 yards (so 1.26 yards) is shown as half a mildot, which again doesn't sound out of the way though I don't use mildots or .22
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