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Originally Posted by DEAN C. View Post
Hi Skires,
Thanks for the advice but I can suck eggs myself. I do shoot HFT , I just think it is easy for some people to criticise companies that we would be poorer without. They support us so we should support them.
No offence meant.
I really have no idea what you are good at sucking fella.

How are they supporting us?

They are in the business of making money ... that's it. They may sponsor a few high profile shooters and they may sponsor a shoot and donate a rifle as a raffle prize. They aren't doing that because they are nice people. It's advertising. They hope they will get a photo in the mags or on the internet with the raffle winner holding the prize, and that will make some shooters buy that as their next rifle. There'll be @ 180 shooters at the shoot they can target. Some shooters may even think ... Awww, how nice, they are supporting us, so I'll support them and buy one of their rifles next. That's what they want you to think.

It's very noble of you to stand up for the British airgun manufacturers and suggest that we should support them, because they support us and without them there would be no HFT. Er ... didn't you used to shoot AA? Don't you now shoot a Steyr? You must like sucking Austrian eggs more!

Only having a chuckle.
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