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Originally Posted by verminator View Post
For the disbelievers of barrel bend, see the Barrel Bend Video

This is a old .22 AA Carbine barrel in a vice, with a bore sighter inserted into the end. On the end I am lifting and resting an AA moderator. Note the movement of the red dot, less than 2.5 meters away.

Most of the structural strength is in the outer part of the barrel, so don't be fooled into thinking the .177 barrels are that much stronger. I don't particularly want to put my MPR barrel into that vice to prove it!

Now I know what you are going to say; "but that is a 14mm barrel and AA normally support it with an A-clamp". All true, but it is supported with soft o-ring, which still allows movement.
Actually that's not what I am going to say! What I am going to say is due you really think that the pull of gravity on the barrel is equal to or greater than the weight of the moderator? Do the math!
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