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Originally Posted by verminator View Post
The whole point of the Rifleman's rule is to account for the whole gravity thing, but it is clearly missing some detail that causes error in short-range shots.

Thanks for the example, I will go away and chew on it some more...
This isn't a cop out, because for once, I'm genuinely really busy today and I've got a deadline to meet. But when I get a couple of hours spare tomorrow I'll come up with a much better explanation with some diagrams to illustrate why.

The rifleman's rule is pretty reasonable when you go out further than say 30 or 40 yards, but closer than that and it's very very wrong. The reason it's wrong is because it doesn't account for scope height.

It was never designed to be used by people shooting rifles at such a short distance and when it was thought up telescopic sights probably weren't even used much either.

I'll also explain the real reason for the difference in aim points.

I know we've had a laugh at your expense, don't take it to heart, it's just light hearted banter. I missed a lot of elevated targets in HFT because I thought the rifleman's rule was right, that's exactly why I looked into it a lot more. I've also actually had to shoot a target that was directly above me in an HFT competition and I missed it because of that rule. I wasn't alone, lots and lots of people missed it that day and they all missed it in the same place as me - because we'd all made the same mistake of believing the rifleman's rule worked for airguns.
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