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Originally Posted by berty177 View Post

It is something we can bring up in WAFTA meetings to be honest fella. Id be happy getting trophies for the shoots, but the cost has gone up dramatically everywhere for them these days.

We used to get pewter and glass tankards at a reasonable price, there isnt such a thing these days. I mean if we put the price up a bit to shoot the comps then I wouldnt see a problem getting trophies then.

Something to look at eh fella....

What do you think Simon??

Personally I think (after talking to shooters) C grade would probably be happier with trophies as it usually is new shooters. Can you remeber far enough back Mark what it was like to win your first trophy, good memories? I still got mine from 1990. Same for my Bfta C & B grade tophies, pride of place cause they were hard work.

As alot of our Wafta shooters seem to be B grade shooters, ie they are upgraded from c and then stuck in the B class, perhaps money for them and A class? Hard one to call hence my wondering what happens in other regions.

I personally, as one who spends alot of time preparing our ft shoots think that at 6 our entry is low for the amount of work that goes into putting on a shoot. I dont shoot to win money, I shoot cause I like it and lets face it even my old and poor back rig has just cost me nealry 700 so i dont think many of the ft shooters are that short of money?
I would be happy to be paying 8-9 for wata entry and 1 on the Golden bunny, so a around 10 a day! I have a feeling others would only be happy with a 1-2 increase however.
Our 5 raffle is a bit flat for me, lets look at golden bunny idea.
Could have been 35 for grabs to the winner (Landy) sunday! Must be there at the draw to win it at the days end.

I also like the idea of a good end of season trophy, rather than a trophy for summer but nothing for winter as it is now. I think for us it would be a better system to combine the summer and winter scores (14 this yerar) and have a "Series" champion over say best 11 shoots. keep peoples interest going through the winter?
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