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Originally Posted by Conor View Post
The elevated target at 20 degrees for example is 12yrds away, however the bottom of the tree it sits on is only 10.5yrds, if using the rifleman theory you would dial for the closer distance ie 10.5yrds which requires quite a bit more elevation on the turret therefore you will be aiming way too high. You are in effect worsening the effect.
Agreed. But why does this happen?

Originally Posted by skires
I reckon your findings that can't be explained by Chairgun or Rifleman's Theory etc are probably down to you.
I do know how to shoot thank you. The results I have were taken under good conditions, shooting small groups at different distances and heights, setting the parallax correctly etc. It's a PCP.

Does anyone know of a working mathematical model for airguns?
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