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Originally Posted by Rift View Post
Looking back over the last 5 years in the National series Open top 10 we have the following:

Year. Smokers / vapers. Non smokers
2015. 2. 8
2014. 2. 8
2013. 2. 8
2012. 1. 9
2011. 2. 8

Doesn't reall lend itself to smoking / vaping giving a huge advantage over non smokers.

My personal view is to only allow natural stuff found at the peg / course to be used. Not 180 people turning up with synthetic stuffing, tissue paper etc littering the course. Continue using the string unless it's had to be nailed down due to the layout of the course..same for all.
Allow smoking / vaping away from the peg as long as its not interfering or blowing over the shooter on the peg or adjacent pegs (common decency).
Keep bolt on windicators for the FT guys, there are enough things for us to get confused by as it is.

Who did you get to add up for you?
Infact, who are you??
I don't think anything beats 'The string' personally!