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I missed this thread because I've been a tad busy lately.

Anyhoo - yes I've been trialling a kneeling roll throughout the NEFTA Winter league, we also had one available on the kneeling lane at our last Winter League event for anyone to try out if they wanted to.

As Shaun said - at the AGM the BFTA agreed to allow the use of a kneeling roll at BFTA events (which will require a rule change).

My kneeling roll, isn't a kneeling roll at all. It's just a legal seat as defined in the NEFTA rules

I also asked permission from the Comp Sec and as it gives me no advantage whatsoever and it meets the definition in the rules of a legal seat it was agreed that I could use one for the Winter League.

It meets the definition of a legal seat because it's 4 inches in diameter, any bigger and it would require a rule change to allow me to use it (as the BFTA agreed to do for the Main Shoot rules this season).

btw - the WFTF definition of a legal kneeling roll has now been increased to a max diameter of 18cm.


I should add, that if you look at the photo it should be pretty bloody obvious that a roll gives me no advantage over other shooters. Especially other shooters who use a mahoosive beanbag under their shin which puffs up and also gives lateral support as well. I'm not trialling one to gain an advantage, I'm trialling one because I'm the Head of Marshalling for the WFTF and I've got to train all future WFTF Marshals regarding what to look for when marshalling a kneeling lane at the World Championships. If i'm going to be delivering a training course for marshals in Portugal this year, it would really help if I had some first hand experience of actually using a kneeling roll so I can figure out if it's possible to cheat using one (so far, I've found that it's impossible to cheat)

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