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Originally Posted by johnd1 View Post
chris if you read your post on page 7 you say people who smoke or vape are using
windicators.these are banned under ukhft rules so these people are cheating you can't
read it any other way its your own words
John, from the rules.

"Apart from a traditional scope no other optical aids are allowed. No wind indicators or scope levels can be used and must be removed or taped up before you start the course".

The 'must be removed or taped up' bit hints at windicators attached to a rifle or scope??. Having a windicator attached to the rifle or scope is against the rules and therefore cheating. Cigs and Vaping devices aren't so are not against the rules and therefore NOT cheating. Sorry to be a pedantic but the rules aren't specific enough about "attached to a rifle or scope" and it's probably because no-one envisaged that vaping would come along and be used by some to indicate the wind. That's why it's being raised now and i take my hat off to both Petes for addressing something that i've thought was a problem for a while.....and it can't have just been me?