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thanks for the reply Brian, I,m at byley on sunday so I will speak to the secretary to get my number, I,m 51 years young and have hunted all my life but this FT stuff has really give me a new lease of life, the people I have met at byley have been so helpful and they are a cracking bunch, they must be fed up with me asking questions all the time ( only joking ).
I do look forward to shooting FT and it has given me an increased buzz to take the rifle down and have a go,
I know its a learning curve but I am prepared to put the effort in and practice, I do this now even with my hunting by putting targets up at the fishery and practice shooting in all weathers and conditions so really I suppose its the next step to enter the comps , I,m just gutted I didn,t take it up a while back because I feel like I,ve missed out on a cracking sport and one thing I will say is it will only improve my shooting that's for sure, its certainly addictive but I sold a couple of my rifles to fund it and have ended up with a decent setup so its down to me know how far I,d like to go and to the top will be the bare minimum lol

thanks again Bob
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