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Default Group sizes

Although I like my Daystate Huntsman, I cannot help wondering if it is as accurate as other rifles/ I am as accurate with it as I could be with other rifles?

Does anyone have any data that shows a clear difference in accuracy between a Huntsman and another rifle, assuming every effort has been made to make a fair comparison, e.g. optimised pellets, weighed pellets, shot in the same environment, etc.? I am particularly interested in a comparison with a HW100 or HFT500.

For reference, my Huntsman and I typically shoot 35y groups ~10 mm center to center (n=31 groups, over many sessions), bench rested. I.e. me at a bench; indoors; rested on a bean bag; Hawke Sidewider 10x42; with optimised (Air Arms Field 4.52s) pellets, but straight out of the tin; shooting reasonably well in that I feel I am following through, can see the pellet in flight, don't move off aim, etc.

At 45y, shot as described above, groups average ~16 mm (n=7 groups, over a few different sessions), varying from 9 to 23 mm depending on how steady I am. Perhaps that says it all: the gun is capable of a lot more (9 mm group) than I can always give (23 mm group)?


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