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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
A couple of the FT lads have bought vaping things , what ever they are called.
You don't need to inhale , they give off the same amount of cloud if you just blow through them.
Some people will do anything in an attempt to gain an extra target.

Originally Posted by stu180101 View Post
This ....

... conflicts a little with your earlier post TBH Chris:
Not if you read it again Stu.

Smoking = unhealthy, Vaping has yet to be around long enough to see whether there are any health downsides but at the moment is seen as being healthier than actually smoking.

Originally Posted by johnd1 View Post
I am not saying you should take up vaping I am just saying the opportunity is there
for everyone if they want to take that option if you don't want to then don't.i am sure
sparksy has smoked for as long as the ukhft has been going why has no one told him to stop as he's
cheating and getting an advantage
No-one has accused anyone of cheating for smoking as it's not in the rules to say people can't smoke.....however i have mentioned over the years about smokers using a type of 'windicator'

For those that talk about using the string and throwing leaves or grass in the air......Sometimes those methods won't work due to the ground you're shooting on, if the ground is damp, stings are tied down or the wind is twitchy from directly in front or behind. Smoke or Vape will show even the slightest breeze all the time.

It looks as if the poll shows that the majority agree with having a windicator.......despite the diversions