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As Rich says, FFP is a bit of a red herring for FT. If you have a 5-25x scope more than likely you'll end shooting on 25x for all freestyle targets. You might wind the mag down for the disciplines where wind is less of an issue (or rather your own steadiness or lack thereof is the bigger concern), or you might just decide you prefer shooting on a lower mag. This is fine but either way you'll want to be consistent about it.

If you do end up getting the Falcon 5-25, my prediction is you'll be looking to upgrade within the year, assuming you stick with FT. This mirrors my own experience. When I got back into FT in 2006 I had my old Simmons 6.5-20x44 which did ok by the standards of the early 90s. Later on I bought a nearly new Millett 5-25x56 sidewheel scope off a forum. It wasn't a bad scope by any means but it did struggle between 50 and 55 yards. The gap between those two ranges on a 4" sidewheel was 1.5mm!

I upgraded to an old Tasco Custom Shop 10-40x56 within the year which was good, and then the following year to a Mk2 Nikko (1st green turret model) which I still use and can still cut it.
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