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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
So it's ok for us all to have vaping devices if we just get our shooting partners to stand at the side of us & blow fume ??? I can't really remember seeing shooters blowing smoke/fume after approaching the peg, most do it just before picking up the gun anyway. I can't see your approach working to reduce any possible problem so I see why you voted for option 1
I don't think I was suggesting that at all, but I can see that it could be a possibility, yes.

Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
Personally Id find it much quicker glancing at a piece of wool on my gun just before I got down prone than trying to find a suitable bit of grass/leaves to pick up & throw.
Yes that would be quicker, whether it helps much is another thing, I suppose.
Anyway, it seems to be a popular option to go barrel windicator so I'm sure those that use them will be happy with them.
Of course, if you are considering ban on leaf/grass chucking and string lifting, then I guess everybody will use them?

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