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Originally Posted by rogb View Post
When you approach the peg to take your shot, that is when the 2 mins starts, right? That's when you can't smoke and vape. When you are waiting, before or after having shot, with your group, then you can. I'm sure that would work OK as it is simple enough to understand.
So it's ok for us all to have vaping devices if we just get our shooting partners to stand at the side of us & blow fume ??? I can't really remember seeing shooters blowing smoke/fume after approaching the peg, most do it just before picking up the gun anyway. I can't see your approach working to reduce any possible problem so I see why you voted for option 1

Originally Posted by rogb View Post
PSI tried a windicator when shooting SFT, pointless when going prone IMO, and it looks silly too. Another thing to look at and worry about instead of getting on with your shot, checking the wind to and at the target and cracking on. :-)
Personally Id find it much quicker glancing at a piece of wool on my gun just before I got down prone than trying to find a suitable bit of grass/leaves to pick up & throw.