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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
Adding anymore options or multiple choices would have been pointless, there would have been to many permutations.
Yes that's understandable, which is why I posted my preference on the thread.

Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
We'd have to do some serious thinking about how to operate the "no smoking at the peg" as courses with tight pegging would make it difficult to smoke at all on the course & I'm not sure we want shooters leaving the area for a smoke.
When you approach the peg to take your shot, that is when the 2 mins starts, right? That's when you can't smoke and vape. When you are waiting, before or after having shot, with your group, then you can. I'm sure that would work OK as it is simple enough to understand.
PSI tried a windicator when shooting SFT, pointless when going prone IMO, and it looks silly too. Another thing to look at and worry about instead of getting on with your shot, checking the wind to and at the target and cracking on. :-)

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