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Originally Posted by Brameldballistics View Post
Cheers Neil,

So if I went for the falcon 5 - 25 x56 then you are saying I should be able to range find well enough. The reason I want to stick to the falcon is the FFP as it makes wind calls a lot easier.

I'm basically after a 350 -500 FFP scope that's good enough at paralax range estimation for FT.

Apologies if daft ideas or questions.
If you're really steady it's easy to confirm longer ranges using your x24 mag assuming that the scope has mil-dots.
Just bracket the area from the bottom of the kill to the hinge at the bottom of the target as this is a constant distance regardless of being a rat, pigeon, whatever.
Takes practice but it was the original range-finder long before high mag scopes came along and some of us still use it to verify long 'uns in dodgy light.
Try it, you'll be surprised just how well it works.
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