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Originally Posted by Ro6er View Post
Its a wise saying "If its not broken, don't try to fix it" What’s wrong with maintaining the status quo?

So competitors watch the direction of smoke or vapour, we also look which way the string from the target is moving and the grass and tree movement. History on the target and throwing up a piece of grass or leaf in the air all help in considering wind direction and strength. I thought all these things are part of the skills we attempt to improve at that make HFT the sport it is today.

If the crutch of the problem stems from leaving behind non biodegradable material on the course then maybe some simple wording as part of the safety brief reminding competitors to respect the land we have been allowed to shoot on may be a simpler way forward.
So SH Iden ferns , brilliant shootin excellent suroundings ,excellent do, thanks everyone ,really enjoyed It, welldone to my partners , Karl and Daryll coming down from Swindon , hats off to you fellas ,
I didnt want to reply to previous comments untill I took a look at a real life captured situation , i must admit i saw people using natural feathers , synthetic fibres ,grass , leaves , ciggys , vapes, and tissue (aint that mashed wood anyway ), the target string, breath vapours
We must abide by the owners wishes to expand our sport and judging by the views on this thread compared to the replies just close it and get on with the shooting ,

A warning /awareness on any environmental factors including fire is imho all thats needed in the generic safety brief

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