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You say it will be the Falcon, so is this a scope you intend to buy? If so then I would heed some of the advice above and buy something else for FT. However if you already own it, don't feel that you can't participate using it. It will do the job but you will probably have vagueness of rangefinding above 45 yards. No reason you can't have a go and start learning the game with the scope you have.

I'll disagree with one point of Skires above. Picture quality is almost irrelevant for FT. What matters is consistency of rangefinding and (unless you use mildot aiming) dialling up and down the elevation turret.

I've looked through a couple of the old BSA 10-50x60 that were like the bottom of a milk bottle but they ranged superbly. As long as you can tell the difference between 52.5 and 55 yards in different lighting conditions and temperatures, on different backgrounds etc, it doesn't really matter.
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