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Originally Posted by skires View Post
I suppose it's their job to target markets.

AA and BSA both cashed in on the HFT market with expensive rifles.

AA must still be pi55ing themselves at flogging the HFT500 for 900 quid and then selling a hamster seperately.

" What are the lemmings buying now? .... Ah bullpups ... let's knock one of those out and charge them silly money ".


I thought that was good marketing, and looking after the business in order to keep employing people and investing for the future? That's what I would you do to make sure a business survives in the current climate?

If the prices are too high compared to the competition then they wont sell. The market will decide if they have it right. In truth neither gun was perfect and needed some mods, although I think both companies did let pre production guns out for trial.

If it wasn't for companies like AA and BSA we probably wouldn't have a FT or HFT scene, as it would be too expensive to get started for most.

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