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Originally Posted by Big Dave View Post
Spoke to Bill Saunders at AA today and as I thought I will have to pay if the do the work on the reg. He couldn't give me a price today but will have one for me tomorrow. The good news was the fact they'll get it back to me in 3 - 4 days but with some owners having to return their guns more than once, I'm still undecided if I want them to do it.

My dilemma is, the names I have be given so far are not known to (newbie) me, so I am hoping you kind gents would let me know (by PM, if you prefer, to save any blushes) who on reputation or personal experience, you would choose.

The names so far, please excuse any spelling mistakes, are

Dave Welham
Dave Penman
Jon Ostler / Austler
Wayne Twelftree
Neil Hart

Much appreciated

I can vouch for Wayne Twelftree fixed my Pro Target when it developed Reg creep.
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