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Originally Posted by vinny View Post
What area of airgunning are bullpups aimed at ,personally I think its a really bad idea with some manufacturer making air rifles look like military autos , especially the rainstorm ,
I shouldered a daystate and it felt nicely balanced , short and stocky, looking at the shape of them I doubt if theyre gonna be any good for hft , so plinking , fun , ft ,
anybody enlighten me
I went from targets guns to a bullpup, for no other reason than they are a bit different.

I've had ev2s, Ripley's, pro targets, anscutz, Steyr's.... I got bored of them.

Bought my edgun in ugust 2013 and never looked back. Even cleared a couple of club comps with it (they are the only shoots I do now )

They are not the easiest guns to shoot. If I went back to my ev2 I'm sure I'd pick up a couple of points per shoot but **** it, I'd rather shoot something a bit different.
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