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Mine's alright. I use it for FT. It's me that's a bit crap, certainly not the outfit. I shake like a sh*ting dog

It did however, need a few additions. Forend depth was an issue, and although the balance for standers, with the weight being more towards the butt is ideal, that presented it's own problems with a tendency to fall off the shoulder in any position with the standard butt pad.

I can't take part in HFT, too old, to fat and too unfit. If I laid down on the ground on my front, I'd never get up again.

Before all the additions, I used it on rabbits, usually from a van window, leaned against a handy tree or kneeling. It was clinical.

They're obviously aimed at the hunting community. Let''s be realistic, the bullpup hasn't been born yet that will fall into a target discipline straight out of the box.
Of course, it's completely useless on rabbits now....................

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